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  Philip Giannattasio

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Hi World,

I'm Philip Giannattasio.

I woke up my Kundalini energy after a guided meditation. Shortly after, I found myself drawn to the Sky in a way I have never experienced before: I saw things nobody else could see. People on social media dismissed what I saw as Pareidolia, meaning, the brain’s way of imposing meaningful images or patterns on random objects. I've looked at images sent to me from all over the World and been able to give people accurate insight into their situation before they have even asked me a question. It is my spiritual abilities which allow me to do so. Some people report having gone through a Spiritual Awakening after viewing my Artwork. Some receive Chakra activations. When I am creating the images, I receive them at the Third eye, and Crown Chakra. I started processing the images on my phone, peeling away the layers to show others what I was seeing. Seeing is believing. “You’re crazy!” became “That’s crazy! How did you do that?”. What is even more rewarding is walking someone through the process step-by-step so they can see first-hand how the images reveal themselves.

Every piece of Art is a static image reveal taken of the Sky. There is no Photoshop involved and my Adobe Lightroom receipts are posted on social media for transparency. I also use Snapseed and Polar. Some pieces are done with A.I. Most of the time I can feel that I need to take a picture before I have any idea of what is there. Other times, I am drawn to one part, but when I get through processing the image, I learn that what I initially saw was there to draw me in to something else, entirely.

My Art is Transformational. It acts as a mirror into the subconscious mind. The right image will find you. Similar to choosing a crystal. When viewing your chosen image, it will open up your subconscious to be able to understand the dynamics and bring out something deeper within your own psyche in terms of the messages for you, and the way the energy is channelled. If you see an animal within the Art, look up that animal spirit totem. There will be a message that will resonate with you. Aligning with that energy will help guide you along your journey. The faces you see represent shadow aspects of ourselves that we need to heal and transmute. The messages can shift over time. That is when you will see something different reveal itself.

My art business has been designated as a "Trusted Art Seller" with The Art Storefronts Organization, which means you can shop with confidence, and know that I stand behind the quality and value of my products.