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  Igghibu Zwandir

Premium Partner — Member since 29/08/2021

I’m confined in a remote area of The Shell, in which I’m lost. I’m hiding in a neutral zone unbeknownst to many. I’m secretly working on a plan to escape The Shell, albeit not an easy task. You can help me break free.

As Igghibu I do visuals and audio Cardano NFTs. Music under the moniker Aner Andros . Creating is both a subversive and a liberating act. Necessary to my well-being and for a mite of sanity. Art is a stigma in The Shell.

Minimal Temple Serialised x 5
Minimal Sakura Serialised x 5
Bonsai And The Light Serialised x 5
Playing Shakuhachi Serialised x 5
Sakura - Full Bloom Serialised x 5
Bonsai Minimal Serialised x 5