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  PS Max Zaxster

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▶We are Max Zaxster painting studio. Our original paintings of our painters are transforming in cryptoart.
1️⃣You can find four painters in our studio: Max Zaxster, Mario Rosetti, Ula G. Lipowitz and Alex Rus art.
2️⃣NFTs and tokens of their work are:
Zaxster's collections, Rosetti's puzzles and Lipowitz abstract art.®

➖ Zaxster collection Outremer contains 5 different fungible tokens each of them is rarer until the last sixsth, which is NFT .

➖ Zaxster Hedonia collection contains 13 different tokens, each of them is rarer until the last fourteenth, which is NFT.

➖ Zaxster"s painting as NFT in jpeg formats with frame.

➖ Rosetti"s puzzles of paintings Fiery Mud and Time Traveler. You also can find Rosseti"s paintings with frame.

➖ Ula G Lipowitz abstract paintings with motion effects in mp4 format and paintings with frame.

➖ Paintings Season 1 Policy id:

➖ Paintings Season 2 Policy id:

➖ Sex Vodka and Rock and Roll Policy id by Alex Rus art:

➖Subconscious 2019-2021 Collection policy id by Alex Rus art:

➖New Way collection polidy id by Alex Rus art: