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Tokhun Stake Pool

The Tokhun stake pool is a new and unique method for fundraising that is community-oriented and safe for all parties involved. To participate, you delegate your ADA in your Yoroi or Daedalus to the Tokhun pool and 25% of the rewards go towards funding Tokhun.io platform development. Based on the amount of rewards generated and duration your ADA is staked, you will be airdropped $TKHN, the utility token for the Tokhun.io platform.

Meet $TKHN

A Utility Coin for Tokhun.io Protocol

  • Every epoch, $TKHN are distributed to delegates of the Tokhun pool and users interacting with the Tokhun.io protocol.
  • $TKHN will be used on the Tokhun.io platform to mint, buy and sell NFTs.
  • Coming soon, you will also be able to provide a trading pair and stake your $TKHN in a liquidity pool with one of our DEX partners.
  • The ultimate goal for $TKHN would be the ability to govern the Tokhun.io platform. Running the platform as a DAO allows the users and hodlers of $TKHN to vote and make changes to the protocol.

How $TKHN rewards are calculated for pool delegates and Tokhun.io users

  • 36% of the $TKHN supply will go to the delegates of the Tokhun stake pool. Our distribution partner Drip Dropz will dynamically calculate $TKHN rewards each epoch based on the amount of Ada each delegate has staked to the Tokhun pool.
  • 8% of the $TKHN supply will be airdropped to users during the purchase or sale of an NFT on the Tokhun platform. Verified users will receive a %15 increase in $TKHN for each sale under their policy ID.