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  Darcy Jones/Eric Rufa

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Darcy Jones- Artist Statement
My work is an expression of connection and a way of coming home to myself. It is born in the place between worlds: between known and unknown, seen and unseen, heart and mind, body and spirit. It is a bridge and the threshold. I make art because it demands it of me and I feel thrilled by the creation of it. I am happy to focus on making the art that I like making and that speaks to something deeply personal about being a human on the planet. In the words of the theologian and psychologist, Henri Nouwen, “that which is the most personal is the most Universal” I believe that having a vision for what we want as individual and society is a crucial element in our journey in moving toward that.

Asheville, NC, based artist, Darcy Jones, has been inspired by the human figure since 1992. She spent 15 years working as a sculptor in the film industry. In 2014 she returned to ceramic sculpture after a decade long hiatus during which she received a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and began a private practice. This current body of work represents the meeting place of deep healing and authentic self expression.
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