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Roadmap / Timeline

  • Not Started

    Etsy-like private collection for users to host their own sales

  • Not Started

    Implement checkout/sale functionality so that assets can be listed by premium artists and sold on our marketplace

  • In Progress

    Deploy the market app on mainnet & go live with Mint/Withdraw functionality
    Early Q2 this year

  • Implement draft asset editing & serialised minting functionality.

  • Launch the market app on testnet & gather feedback (open public beta)

  • Implement withdraw asset & funds functionality and standardise metadata format (to support serialised batch NFT minting)

  • Setup hosting environment and deploy app to testnet (closed private beta)

  • Extract metadata out of cardano blockchain and create NFT/FT asset explorer view and show asset media & attributes

  • Implement secure AES-256 encryption/decryption of cardano wallet hotkeys with user defined passphrase

  • Integrate with IPFS blockchain for asset media storage

  • Add metadata on chain, part of the minting process

  • Create & refine an easy to use minting wizard user interface

  • Implement basic non-fungible token (NFT) minting

  • Implement basic fungible token (FT) minting

  • Setup two way integration to full cardano-node and market app

  • Automatically issue cardano wallet / payment address for every user who signs up to the market app

  • Implement social login functionality

  • Create a basic market app & scafold out basic ui


We collaborate with artists and content creators. Here are some of the featured partners who will be minting exclusive NFTs on our marketplace on our mainnet launch.

~ List Coming Soon ~