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#1 Cardano NFT & FT Marketplace

Tokhun was founded when Cardano introduced Native Asset feature. A group of like minded individuals from technical and creative background got together to create a world class minting and market place for NFTs and FTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Our vision is to create a powerful yet easy to use platform that allows anyone to easily mint and trade.

Why choose Tokhun now

Buy / Sell

Smart Contract powered market functionality to let anyone buy/sell NFTs and FTs.

Auction System

You can sell your NFTs via our fully automated auction system with anti-snipe capabilities.

Mint NFT & FT

You can mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) as well as Fungible Token (FT) on our platform.

Advanced Metadata

Our metadata structure is based on CIP-25 standard and it is highly customizable.

Premium Partners

Only quality content on our home page will be shown from our vetted artists.

Personal Pages

Anyone can showcase their minted assets via their own personal pages.

Policy Management

You can create time locked (or open) policies and group your asset easily.

Serialized Minting

You can generate upto 20 uniquely named NFTs, auto numbered in a series via single mint.

Minting Draft

You can start the minting process, save it mid-way and resume editing and mint later.

Cost Breakdown

We will show a complete cost breakdown of your mint as you fill in the form.

Asset Burning

If the policy you used is open/active, you can burn assets you've minted.

Public Asset Viewer

Dedicated page to view any NFTs & FTs along with their metadata directly in Tokhun.

Authenticity Validation

A system to verify authenticity of NFTs & FTs, though registered/verified policies.

Artist Royalties

Artist can configure after sale royalties on-chain (CIP-27) when creating new policies.

We are also ...

  • Fully transparent and build our platform based on our community feedback
  • Working with and collaborate with established Cardano community members
  • Providing technical support & advice to everyone in the Cardano & NFT/FT community
  • Home to a friendly and active Discord community of artists, buyers and sellers

Our Pricing Model

  • 2 ₳DA per single unique NFT and FT (regardless of the total supply)
  • 2.5% or 2.00 ₳DA Sales Commission (whichever is higher)

Minting serialized asset will get cheaper/discount as you mint more, since we've implemented the following stepping pricing model:

Serialized Quantities Platform Fee Per Asset
1 2 ₳DA
2 ~ 20 1.5 ₳DA

For example, if you want to serialize 15 NFTs, then our platform fee will be: 1 x 2 ₳DA + 14 x 1.5 ₳DA = 23 ₳DA
Which is cheaper than minting 15 NFTs one at a time, which would have cost you 30 ₳DA in Tokhun platform minting fees.

Please note; all prices above do not include Cardano network transaction fees (typically around 0.2 ₳DA per mint).

Upcoming Features on the Roadmap

Additional Mints

You can mint more of Serialized NFTs and FTs, whilst the policy is open/active.

Mint on Demand

Setup an automated sale to mint random asset on demand (e.g. collectibles).

Developer API Access

Leverage every capabilities of our platform via a secure API access remotely.

Rich Media Gallery

You will be able to create NFTs with rich media like Video, Audio, 3D Models etc...

Meet the Team

Tokhun is developed by experienced individuals from all walks of life. We strive for quality over quantity, method over madness and we trust the process & science over hype. Your NFTs & FTs are in good hands.


Co-Founder / CTO / Core Developer


Co-Founder / Product & UX Advisor


Co-Founder / Cardano CLI Wizard


Business Advisor


Marketing & Public Relations


Core Developer


Plutus Smart Contract Developer


Technical Consultant


Technical Consultant

Our premium Partner Artists

We implement a unique quality control process. Artists and their work are vetted and only those who meet our community criteria are added to the premium partner list. Anyone can apply via our Discord server and it's free. Only premium partner's minted assets are shown on our public asset explorer. We want to promote good quality content. This way, inappropriate and illegal assets are never shown on our home page.