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Hi my name is unimportant, call me chaos, call me legion, call me fool with a pen. From an early age I was influenced by an extremely technical father and a selfless loving mother. My father inspired me with stacks and stacks of tools, and books of crafts art and photography.
One of the 1st being Salvador Dali. Which stuck to me the most. That as a foundation, of course layered with countless video games, movies, stories, books, comics, explorative space explorations. My sister would read MacBeth to me even though I didn't understand it.
She went on to study fine art till she changed to photography and completed that. I remember the house buzzing, with her trying to get projects done and everyone chipping in and me falling asleep on a couch with all that lovely noise.
Anything and everything that would eventually assist in the detail and weirdness in my illustrations today. I attended the Open Window school for visual art right after high school and failed that 3 years in and dropped out.
Don't make any Timothy Leary allusions here... :P Went on to working on an ambulance full time and in the long hours between calls or sleepless nights after rough ones, I would sit in front of an old TV at the medic base. hospital trash and broken hospital beds right outside.
Everything added to what my work is today. Its been an interesting journey so far and all my stories reside in my lines of draw. And this has created a place I love spending all my time.
I hope you can appreciate that everyone has a history.
With regards to why non-fungibles and this new social profile.

A friend approached me and said we should give it a try.

As firm believers in growing ours and the consciousness of others, we donate 10% of the sales (not profit, sales - converted from ADA->USD for donation)
to maps.org (monthly - and posted to this bird site)

This in itself, is a conversation, that is much longer, but in short. They do valuable work, and take a tooling for consciousness and tools for thought approach. They need our, and your support.

So that's the first thread of Ariadne in this conversation.

The second thread is exploring analog and analog to digital variants of the art I created over the years, and recontextualising it. I don't know what will come of this exercise. Alan Moore said that the magick is in
the becoming. The coming into being, the process. More than making pixels that affect the light that hits your retina and the massage or message that hits your cognitive sense and it's contextualised perception that potentially affects you emotionally - I'm actively engaging ...
this process, daily, in wall art, in design, in mediating a pen's path or a brush's stroke over a page, is my process, our process as you interpret it, and either swipe past it, or engage it with your attention for that massage or message and with this medium becoming to not...
allude to McLuhan too obviously.
Thread number three is that decentralisation of community, decentralisation of crowd intelligence and decentralisation of the control and deflation of means/money is best engendered in #cardano. This is an opinion and might change, and for now, it can be the best instance of...
third generation blockchain and compute potential, I can comprehend. The third thread is to help support this by also recommending and education people about delegating their next generation bottle caps and means and dreams to single #stakepooloperators
Some last thoughts, a lot of great art exists on other platforms, and it pains me to see pure speculative greed kick in on 10k and other projects - I hope we don't lose sight of the fun in all this, I hope we don't lose sight of the humanity in being a patron to an artist...
and artists, without necessarily having them in your town, or district or sharing nationality. The decentralised aspect of appreciation (retweeting and collecting and creating your own stories and context around the pixels and impact) is fascinating, and a needed panacea in...
plague and war and times of commercialised dissent and surveillance.
I'm not going back to edit my post, this might come across as ranty, or ravy or dysfunctional. So be it. We are legion, we are Chaos Colony.

Support living artists while they're alive, be kind to each other, stake responsibly. And finally, go buy the ticket, take the ride.
Thanks for your attention in pixel and here in haphazard prose.
Here's Todd with the weather.
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