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  Digo Acuzar

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I’m Digo Acuzar, an indepent artist from Manila, Philippines and I go by the name Illustravi in my social media accounts and the cryptoverse. For almost a decade, I worked in a corporate environment as a digital art director, until I decided to quit my “fabulous job” and choose a heart-centered life responding to my highest excitement and embracing highs and lows of Freelancing.

On December 2019, same year I resigned from my job. I signed up to a transcendental meditation class as a birthday gift to myself, became a certified yoga teacher summer of 2020 amidst the pandemic, learned astrology and currently educating myself about ancient knowledge, sacred geometry and consciousness. You could say that my current life is revolves around mysticism and responding to my spiritual calling. I use art to integrate these themes while at the same time expressing my authentic self because it serves an avenue for me to heal and transcend.